How to Treat Psoriasis with a Diet

I have a terrible case of psoriasis. My doctor is recommending I go on these powerful immune-suppressing drugs that cause cancer, an overwhelming infection, and death. What can I do besides, take these medicines? Or he is recommending steroids, which I know are bad for me. Can I do anything else?

Well, here’s the good news. I have been practicing functional medicine for over 20 years and a doctor for 30. And for the first ten years, I saw this over and over again – the heartbreak of psoriasis. Scaling, itching, peeling, inflamed skin, leads to arthritis and joint pain as well for so many people. And there was nothing I could do. I gave them all these strong steroids, creams and lotions on. Now we’re using these TNF alpha blockers, which cost 30,000$ a year and is extremely risky regarding their ability to suppress the immune system. They can cause cancer and infections, and it’s not a great solution.

And then I discovered functional medicine and I started treating my patients for all sorts of other issues, for gut issues, for hormonal problems, for weight issues. And as I clean up their diet, as they began to sort of dig in, their skin problems will pass away. And I’d go, what happened here, what’s going on? And I started to learn about how all these other factors are driving skin issues like psoriasis.

In fact, a little girl came to my office; this was a pretty scary story. She had psoriasis all of her body from head-to-toe since she was six months old. She’d been on one of those powerful immune-suppressing drugs before she came to see me, and it ended up in the hospital with an overwhelming infection from MRSA, which is a terrible superbug staff. And she had to be on IV antibiotics for a month. And she came in to see me, and she was four years old, and not had a day in her life without suffering pain and psoriasis. She had to go to the bathroom in my office when she was there, and the girl would scream when she peed because all of her genitals were inflamed with psoriasis. That’s how bad it was.

So this poor little girl was suffering from so many severe symptoms, not just pain or skin but digestive issues. And to fix her, I had to repair the cause, which was her gut. So I took away the wrong stuff, put in the right thing. I took away triggering foods like gluten, which is often linked to psoriasis. And I cleaned up the yeast; I gave her anti-fungal. And then I gave her some anti-inflammatory foods, and healing plant foods, and good quality fats; I gave her supplements, probiotics, and vitamin D, and vitamin A, and zinc,- all that helped the skin. And I thought, maybe she’d get better, I hope she gets better because she was the worst case I’ve ever seen. Two weeks later the father calls me up, and he says “Dr. Hyman, she’s completely clear.” Her skin completely cleared in two weeks on an elimination diet, giving her an antifungal, and giving her the right nutrients. That was incredible. That’s the power of using functional medicine.

But all psoriasis is not the same. For a large percentage of people it is gluten, but for others, it may be gut issues like yeast and yet others. It may be other things like mercury. So the three biggest things that I see in my patients that cause psoriasis are:

  1. Gluten sensitivity;
  2. Yeast overgrowth in the gut;
  3. Heavy metals like mercury.

All those trigger psoriases. So I look very carefully at those factors, while I remove those I also restore the body’s natural balance in health.

And I did this with a 56-year-old doctor came to see me, who had severe psoriatic arthritis, he couldn’t operate anymore, he was overweight, tired. He had all the other symptoms: skin problems, joint problems, digestive issues, canker, sores, constipation. You name it – he had it. And he was about to quit his job, and he loved his job as a surgeon. He was working in a Massachusetts hospital. And I said, “Why don’t we just fix your gut, we’ll put you on an elimination diet, we’ll get rid of parasites we found he had, we’ll give him the right nutrients to support his body.” And it was like a miracle. In six weeks he was off as any cancer drugs, TNF alpha blockers, steroids, anti-inflammatories, and he had no symptoms. Not only did his digestive symptoms go away but his skin cleared up, his joint pain gone, he lost a whole bunch of weight, and he was able to go back to surgery.

So that’s the power of functional medicine. And if you want to place a start, I would encourage you to start with the 10-day detox diet because it’s a powerful solution to get rid of the inflammatory foods, put in anti-inflammatory foods, and let your body heal. And it’s a great way to hit the reset button and turn your body to its original factory settings. Now, you may need more help, you may need mercury detox, you may need treatment for your gut, for yeast, and other therapies, but it’s a great place to start.

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Women’s Fertility Cycle

Women often ask, “What exactly is occurring inside my body during my monthly fertility cycle?”.

woman’s ovaries contain her eggs, the special cells of human reproduction. Hormones regulate a woman’s fertility cycle, which usually spans a 28 to 30 day period.

A woman’s fertility cycle begins on the first day of the menstrual period.

Earlier in the cycle, a single egg begins the process of maturing. That egg develops inside of a fluid-filled sac called the follicle. The follicle increases in size during the first half of the menstrual cycle. Halfway through the cycle, the follicle pops or ruptures, releasing the egg, which then passes into the Fallopian tube. This is called ovulation.

If a healthy sperm is present in the Fallopian tube, the egg will be fertilized, leading to conception. As the follicle grows, it produces an essential hormone called estrogen. After the egg is released, that follicle shrivels up and becomes something called the corpeus luteum and begins making another important hormone called progesterone.

Here is a diagrammatic representation of the hormonal changes that occur during the menstrual cycle. As you can see, estrogen rises to a peak just before ovulation and then falls dramatically. After ovulation, estrogen is still being made, but now progesterone becomes the dominant hormone. These hormones changes are critically significant for normal fertility.

Estrogen goes right back to the follicle, causing it to mature completely. Estrogen stimulates the lining of the womb to build it back up after it was shed during the menstrual period in preparation for the baby to implant. And estrogen travels through the bloodstream to the bottom part of the womb, which is called the cervix and causes a clear, slippery fluid to be produced.

This special fluid, in and of itself, plays an important role in a couple’s ability to conceive. First, when that fluid is not present in the vagina, sperm die within hours. The egg only lives for 12-15 hours, which would make the fertile window very short. When the fluid is present, and it is usually produced by a woman’s body about 4-5 days before ovulation. It protects the sperm from the acidity of the vagina and allows the sperm to live for up to 5 days, lengthening the fertile window.

At the molecular level, the cervical fluid is also critical because it creates swimming channels for the sperm, which allow the sperm to reach the egg.

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Male Climax Disorders and Vacuum Pumps

Orgasm disorders are not as common in men as they are in women. Most men can reach orgasm without difficulty. But some men have trouble reaching climax or orgasm.

Typically but not always this is related to one of two things. First of all neuropathy or nerve damage. If you have neuropathy or your nerve damage, you can’t feel right on the genitals; it is going to be harder to orgasm. So men who have neuropathy caused by many different things like diabetes, alcohol, drugs, head neck or back injuries, Parkinson’s disease, or strokes can cause neuropathy or nerve damage.

If you have nerve damage, often it will be difficult to feel things on the penis, and if you can’t sense correctly or feel things on the penis, it might be hard to orgasm.

The other main category when it comes to difficulty reaching orgasm is psychiatric medicines or pain medicines. Any medication that alters sensation could potentially alter your feelings on your genitals and your ability to achieve climax. The most significant culprits on pain medicines if it changes your sensation of pain, it might also alter your feeling of pleasure. Also, many of the psychiatric medications that are commonly used for depression can also cause difficulty reaching orgasm.

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So difficulty reaching climax is typically caused by a neuropathy or nerve damage or medications. It can be caused by some other things, but those are the most common things.

There are a couple of different treatments that we use for men who have trouble getting and keeping erections.The vacuum penis pump is a device that is used to create an erection through an external suction When you apply the vacuum pressure it creates a suction inside the tube. When your penis is in there that causes the blood to rush into your penis, and it becomes engorged. When the penis becomes fall, we split these bands back on the base of the penis so that the man can have sex. To choose the best penis pump, you have to read reviews, ratings and forum posts from real customers. You can ask forum members about the penis pumping routine they use. Sometimes you have to use jelqing and penis extender to speed up the results. Learn how penis pump work and how to buy it in your country. Penis pumps comparison table is available here

So the vacuum constriction device is a non-invasive treatment that works if the patient trains properly. And it is tricky, so it takes proper training in about 85 to 90% of the men. But you can see, it can be a little cumbersome, you do have to wear a band during sex, and those are some of the disadvantages of the vacuum device.

Every treatment has good and bad; the vacuum device has pros and cons just like all treatments.

Penis Extenders Review 2018

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Satisfy Sexual Desire


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Long Sex Duration

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Supplements for Breast Enhancement That Work

Supplements for breast enhancement, that work are now available for you to choose. When you consider that your breast is still too small, you can select the best product that can make your chest get bigger and sexy in an instant. It is not difficult for you to do it. If you can do it correctly, you will realize how it can make you feel satisfied with it. One thing for sure, you have to choose the right method that really can make your breast big without giving any side effects such as cancer and much more.

Breast Enhancement Pills

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Breast Enhancement Pump

Another product that you can select is breast enhancement pump. If you use this product, you will realize how it can a product with the best effects that you need. It is indeed that the way to use the pump to enlarge the size of your breast is easy and simple. When you can do

it correctly, you will realize how it can make you feel satisfied in an instant. There are many people like to select this type of product, and you can select it too.

Breast Enhancement Capsules

Feel free to use breast enhancement capsules that can provide you with excellent effects in making your breast get more prominent. By having the best option of breast enhancement product to be used, you can finally get the best solution that you need for your body. You can say goodbye to your current problem of the small breast. You can now attract many men with your big bust. It can also satisfy your husband if they can kiss and play with your boobs when doing sex.

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What Is The Impact Of The Hormone Testosterone On Male Sexual Health?

The role of testosterone for man is vital. How and why? Because, this hormone has an important part related to the formation of the character of masculinity such as the formation of muscle, bone mass, rather heavy voice and growth of body hair. Men get virility or maturity of these hormones function. Low levels of testosterone also substantially influence health because it can increase the risk of heart attack.

Typically, testosterone levels will decrease with age (about 1 percent annually). This decrease in testosterone would lead to various health problems such as osteoporosis and obesity (excess fat in the body). But you need to remember, low levels of testosterone in the male body hormone not solely be due to the aging factor. A young man is also hazardous decreased testosterone levels.

Many different ways to improve or maintain testosterone levels remained stable in the body. One is through testosterone hormone replacement therapy. But, unfortunately, this method is not completely safe because it has side effects as well. There are several ways that are safer and natural for you to raise the levels of testosterone in your body.

Symptoms of High Testosterone Levels

Signs of high testosterone levels are not clear, but it turns out the boy was noticed by the boost of puberty. High levels of testosterone can also cause infertility in men, lack of desire to have sex and shrinking of the testicles. There are many causes of it, such as hyperthyroidism, tumors of the adrenal glands, and puberty earlier than usual.

The Risk of High Testosterone

  • Heart disease;
  • Sleep apnea;
  • Develop chest (breast) greater;
  • Reduced sperm production;
  • Problem skin;
  • The appearance of cysts in the prostate.

Treatment for High Testosterone Levels

Men with high testosterone are rare. In general, men have problems with low testosterone. One way to lower testosterone levels high is to give hormone supplement. Symptoms of low testosterone levels:

  • Fatigue;
  • Muscle loss – mass and strength;
  • Depreciation testicles;
  • Low libido;
  • Anemia;
  • Changes in mood, often depressed and angry;
  • Osteoporosis;
  • Decrease ejaculation.

The Risk of Low Testosterone

Men who have low testosterone levels increased the risk for occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease, premature death and quickly from coronary heart disease who previously owned. Also, they can easily get infected with other disorders as well, among others, diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome and erectile dysfunction.

In conclusion, the hormone testosterone is too high or too low is not good for a man. If you happen to lack or excess of this hormone should immediately consult a doctor or someone more expert. You want to know there are more natural ways to increase testosterone levels in the body so that your body always fit and increased stamina. It is time for you to find the best solution right away!

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