Male Climax Disorders and Vacuum Pumps

Orgasm disorders are not as common in men as they are in women. Most men can reach orgasm without difficulty. But some men have trouble reaching climax or orgasm.

Typically but not always this is related to one of two things. First of all neuropathy or nerve damage. If you have neuropathy or your nerve damage, you can’t feel right on the genitals; it is going to be harder to orgasm. So men who have neuropathy caused by many different things like diabetes, alcohol, drugs, head neck or back injuries, Parkinson’s disease, or strokes can cause neuropathy or nerve damage.

If you have nerve damage, often it will be difficult to feel things on the penis, and if you can’t sense correctly or feel things on the penis, it might be hard to orgasm.

The other main category when it comes to difficulty reaching orgasm is psychiatric medicines or pain medicines. Any medication that alters sensation could potentially alter your feelings on your genitals and your ability to achieve climax. The most significant culprits on pain medicines if it changes your sensation of pain, it might also alter your feeling of pleasure. Also, many of the psychiatric medications that are commonly used for depression can also cause difficulty reaching orgasm.

Read more about orgasmic disorders here – healthline.

So difficulty reaching climax is typically caused by a neuropathy or nerve damage or medications. It can be caused by some other things, but those are the most common things.

There are a couple of different treatments that we use for men who have trouble getting and keeping erections.The vacuum penis pump is a device that is used to create an erection through an external suction When you apply the vacuum pressure it creates a suction inside the tube. When your penis is in there that causes the blood to rush into your penis, and it becomes engorged. When the penis becomes fall, we split these bands back on the base of the penis so that the man can have sex. To choose the best penis pump, you have to read reviews, ratings and forum posts from real customers. You can ask forum members about the penis pumping routine they use. Sometimes you have to use jelqing and penis extender to speed up the results. Learn how penis pump work and how to buy it in your country. Penis pumps comparison table is available here

So the vacuum constriction device is a non-invasive treatment that works if the patient trains properly. And it is tricky, so it takes proper training in about 85 to 90% of the men. But you can see, it can be a little cumbersome, you do have to wear a band during sex, and those are some of the disadvantages of the vacuum device.

Every treatment has good and bad; the vacuum device has pros and cons just like all treatments.