From Hypnotist Grad Jim Guerci – School Teacher and Coach – Rockland County, NY

What Jim enjoyed about the Hypnosis Center’s Hypnosis Training

  • I enjoyed the interactive presentation of ‘Hands-on’ Activities, focusing on installing the skill set in each of us.
  • The lessons were talked about, then modeled and then practiced for full mind and body integration.
  • Each exercise was followed by a thorough question and answer period.

What Benefits Jim experienced:

  • There is an intense application of hypnotism in this seminar.
  • I feel extremely confident about setting up and maintaining a hypnosis practice.
  • I know how to help others with quick results and full confidence.
  • I see that by challenging the established beliefs, this training will put you on the cutting edge to success.

How Jim rated his instructors:

  • John: Excellent skill set. He breaks down the material to digestible parts..He is sensitive to students needs and wants.
  • Kevin: great balance to John. He offers personal hypnosis for personal development. He allowed us to experience levels of hypnosis we are able to share with future clients.

Jim’s Summation of the course:
This course offers a dynamic level of knowledge met by practice. Individuals will expand their knowledge base while making practical ‘hands-on’ applications of these techniques. This course sets the standard on how to bring about change in the students and most importantly , their clients, both present and in the future. Fear is certainly not a factor in this course. Rather confidence is on the forefront of each lesson presented.

Gloria Lacay – Registered Nurse

Highlights of what Gloria enjoyed about the Hypnosis Center’s Hypnosis Training

  • John and Kevin’s unique and playful sense of humor stimulated my learning. It certainly helped to relax my mind, thus I found I better absorbed the material presented.
  • The continuous practice and hands on demonstration and utilization throughout the course with different subjects has helped me grow more comfortable and develop my confidence using the techniques. I have taken many other hypnosis courses in the past, and they were sorely lacking in helping one get a solid grasp when you go out into the real world.
  • The open and informal atmosphere stimulated one to want to learn. And the freedom to ask questions at any time, regardless of whether we were on that current topic or not.

What benefits Gloria experienced from the training:I’ve learned to allow hypnosis to flow from me naturally. I have a better focus on what I want to do. I will definitely change my approach dealing with clients on the phone and in person because I feel  more confident and less anxious now. I am more conscious of the fact that I am providing a valuable  service that is in demand and use that to my advantage.

How Gloria rated her instructors:
Both John and Kevin are great! You make a fantastic team. Your teaching styles complement each other and you really get your point across.

Gloria’s summation of the course:
The Hypnosis training offered by the hypnosis center is by far the ‘most comprehensive’ that I have experienced. This is my third training and in many respects, I feel that it is my first training. The ‘hands-on-practice you get during class brings home the fact that you will be out there dealing with real people who have different issues and problems and you are now armed with a tool skill set that will allow you to deal with each and every one of them.

Highlights of what Bill Maguire enjoyed about the Training
The ‘hands-on-training’, not just learning, but experimenting and doing throughout the class. John and Kevin’s communication of real life examples.

What benefits Bill reported from the class:
Before entering this class, I had very limited knowledge of hypnosis. After the intense and fun 6 day session, I am completely knowledgable and prepared to practice hypnosis.

How Bill rated his instructors:
John Petrocelli and Kevin O’Kane are excellent instructors. They have a phenomenal knowledge of material and can disseminate it to one’s learning with a smooth integration.

Bill’s summation of the seminar:
The course was fantastic. When you leave this training, you will feel comfortable and able to start your own practice. The training is fun, entertaining and jam-packed with techniques, material and resources. I am fortunate to have made the decision in my research to have stumbled upon and made the right choice the first time in my hypnosis training.

Highlights of what Randy Garcia reported he had enjoyed about the training:

  • The speed of the course was excellent. There was no lulls in our learning.
  • The depth of the material was very good.
  • The instructors are very down to earth.

What benefits Randy experienced from this training:
I can not easily be confident with my hypnosis practice. I now understand  and realize the unlimited potential that this field has to offer. I can naturally give my clients a more relaxing experience  knowing that everything I learned is very effective.

How Randy rated his instructors:
Both instructors were truly amazing at explaining things in a simple, easy  and concise manner and making sure not to lose anyone in the process.

Highlights of what Abe Birnbaum reported he enjoyed about the Hypnosis Center’s training:

  • The amount of material: Various examples of the many tools available to a hypnotist demonstrated, in addition to standard approaches.
  • Hands on practice: In additions to students hypnotizing each other, outside clients and friends were allowed in to help us gain experience.
  • The course was designed for practical applications: The material was present in a ‘What to do WHEN’ fashion, and therefore, was made more realistic.

What benefits Abe took with him from the seminar:
This course has taken me from KNOWING ABOUT HYPNOSIS to knowing ‘how to’ perform hypnosis. I now have more solid knowledge with actual usable techniques. I can actually leave this class and perform.

How Abe rates his instructors:
John has made various techniques such a natural and integral part of himself, that he can demonstrate the many systems and approaches fluently, which is great. Kevin has a charming way of maintaining the students attention and this is good.

Abe’s Summation of the seminar:
This course truly cover the information needed for actual application. Through hands on activities with student to student exercises and by bringing in outside subjects. It really puts the skills into the student’s hands. This course is also presented in a very entertaining format. A real, fun way to learn.

Highlights of what Sharon Pollack reported she enjoyed about the Hypnosis Center’s Training
Performing the ‘hands-on’ drills which integrated the skillsets from intellectual knowledge to useful working tool. I enjoyed mostly the ‘Instant Trance’ techniques.One of the most beneficial aspects was watching John walk us through a ‘live’ session, from the moment a client enters your office and demonstrating the ‘bread-and-butter’ and money-making techniques of our trade which is a stop smoking session. This was an invaluable resource.

Benefits Sharon reported:
I am more confident about hypnotizing others. For me, I loved to go in and out of this state throughout the seminar and realized, there is no substitute for a real live person whispering in my ear. And what I enjoyed immensely, was the attitude and confidence improvement we all experienced, as for the entire length of the seminar, we programmed each other for success. By the second weekend, you could notice the magic, the confidence and a beneficial and powerful change in the class participants.